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Alex McAloon, CEO of Fastway SBA, answers one of the most frequently asked questions - "I received an EIDL and PPP Loan, can I still qualify for an SBA loan?"


0:00 PPP loan you most likely didn't even

0:04 have to pay back eidl loan is you

0:08 will have to pay back or hopefully

0:09 you're currently paying but does not

0:13 prevent you from getting more financing

0:15 the every lender understands that that

0:17 eidl was necessary loan and so absolutely we can

0:21 get you financing in addition to that we

0:24 we work often with the eidl portal

0:28 because they they did change it post

0:30 post funding so we can advise our

0:33 clients on how to get the reading set up

0:34 properly and make sure that they're up to date


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