The RapidRev SBA Program
Released 8/7/23 by FastWaySBA
We designed this program that breaks the mold of the conventional SBA term loan program. This is an extremely light document product. Designed for business owners, this program was built for speed and ease.
Warranted or not, there is stigma that most small business owners have about SBA Loans. Its based on the once painful and slow process of applying and securing an SBA loan. The old process of securing an SBA loan may have been arduous, but is now much more streamlined.
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RapidRev Overview

Max Funding Amount

Up to $500K approval are obtainable with this particular program.

10 Yrs

Terms & Payments

10 years, 120 monthly payments. 10 years, 120 monthly payments.

2.75-4.75% + prime


2.75- 4.75 % above Prime Rate (8.5% as of Nov 21, 2023)

Guidelines for Applying for RapidRev

Offers based on Gross Sales of Business from most recent Tax Return
Approval Amount based on 30% of Annual Gross Sales
Owner personal FICO 680+2+ years in business

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Monthly Payment
Loan term
10 Years
Interest rate
your sba loan

Prior to diving into a full SBA application submission, the team at Fastway SBA provides each prospective applicant an overview of what is possible, based on key qualifying characteristics of your business. We use these benchmarks to understand your business’s unique pre-approval: Time in Business, Personal Credit Score, Business Profitability, Industry Type, and Current Business Debt Servicing.

With over $400 million in funded small business transactions, our proven methods have help arrange funding for thousands of American Small Businesses. Since each business is unique, we approach each opportunity with common sense underwriting, which means more successfully booked loans.
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Program Fast Facts

Some questions we get asked frequently

How likely am I to get funded?

We have a 95% approval to funding ration. Meaning, for every client we get a approved there is a very good chance we will be able to obtain the financing for you.

What documents are needed initially?

2 years Business Federal Tax Returns, 2 years Owner Personal Federal Tax Returns, Credit Application and 3 months business bank statements to verify current cash flow.

How long does the process take?

Start to finish the process typically takes 2 to 4 weeks.

Why Fastway sba

The reasons why we are the best route for obtaining an SBA loan.

Versatile Loan Options

SBA loans are specifically engineered to support business growth. So whether you’re looking to buy equipment, acquire real estate or address business working capital needs, the SBA’s mission is to help expand American Small Businesses.

Rapid Capital Access to SBA Loans

Since SBA loans are guaranteed by the federal government, banks are confident to lend to SBA approved businesses that would otherwise be declined for conventional bank credit. This makes for a simpler funding process, eliminating the usual underwriting obstacles.

Attractive Terms

Our SBA lenders offer extended repayment timelines along with competitive low-interest rates. The SBA loans we offer are definitively the more advantageous option compared to other small business lending choices.